High Performance Engines

ARH Cycles builds high performance engines for the track and street.

88″ to 124″ Twin Cam
We can build any 88″, 96″, 103″ or 110″ twin to a 97″, 103″, 110″, 117″, 120″ or 124″ in our shop quickly and with quality parts.

107″ or 114″ Milwaukee 8 to 128″ or 131″
Milwaukee-Eight engine is the ninth generation of “big twin” engines developed by the company, but only Harley’s third all-new Big Twin in 80 years, first introduced in 2016. These engines differ from the traditional Harley Big Twin engines in that there are four valves per cylinder, totaling eight valves, hence the name. It also marked a return to the single-camshaft configuration as used on previous Harley Big Twin Engines from 1936 to 1999. In addition, the engines all have internal counterbalancers, whereas Twin Cams were counterbalanced only on Softail models, where the engine was rigidly mounted.

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Surface cylinders, heads. True flywheels porting and polishing.

What does ‘ported and flowed heads’ mean when talking about an engine?

Ported – the ports (big holes where manifolds join heads) are enlarged to improve volume of flow.

Gas flowed – the tubes that the fuel and exhaust flow through are machined so that the fluids can flow with less resistance hence faster, so more fuel gets pumped in per stroke.